Diamond Eyeshadow


The diamond eye shadow is perfectly suitable for evening and special occasion make up. Glittery colors create absolutely stunning make up. It will reveal your beauty and individuality. The eyeshadow can be applied using both dry and wet brush. A wet brush will reveal the strong pigment as well as set the glitter in place. The MAKE UP FOR LIFE team will help you choose suitable shades according to your desired effect and eye color. For green eyes - brown, different shades of purple such as plum, levender, eggplant, dark grey and green. For blue eyes - copper, gold, purple, blue, grey, brown and greenish shades. For brown eyes - purple, lilac, grey, cacao, bronze and gold shades. Stunning make up and your eyes shining like diamonds will make you the star of the night - you will look as good as Hollywood stars on the red carpet. Net  Weight:3g

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