Magic mascara


Magic mascara - magic eyelashes! Up to 300% longer eyelashes create an astonishing and outstanding look! Have you ever imagined that your natural eyelashes might reach your eyebrows? With magic mascara, you can extend your eyelashes for a day or for couple of hours and look absolutely stunning! It is simple to do:

  • Cover your eyelashes with mascara
  • Apply silk fiber on eyelash tips
  • When it it still wet and cover it all with mascara again

There you go - your eyelashes are much longer! If you want more length, just repeat the coating procedure a few more times. The magic mascara package contains the mascara and silk fiber tubes. You can use them both together or separately.  Magic mascara features:

  • Black
  • Waterproof yet easily removable
  • Long lasting and has thickening effect
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact lenses users

Net weight: mascara 12 ml., silk fiber 1 g.

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